Myth – more guns equal more crime

There is a group of people who hate guns. Not only do they hate guns, but they want to take yours away. These people believe that only Uncle Sam should have them. Aka the police, FBI and armed forces. We all know how that worked out for the Jewish people of Nazi Germany, don’t we? What’s ironic about these people is the fact they can’t point to one source which backs their claims that more guns equal more crime.


More guns equal less crime – Take Virginia for instance. They changed their gun laws in 2011, making it much easier to own and carry guns. Gun sales increased over 70%. Crime went down by nearly 25%. Chicago did the exact opposite. Crime has been through the roof ever since.



Europe is proof that fewer guns are better – I see this comment most often. Odd since they never back it up with sources. Actually the safest nation in the world based on violent crime is Switzerland, which has more guns than the rest of Western Europe combined. Crime such as homicide, armed robbery and home invasion all increased in nations with gun bans. This includes England, Ireland, France, Australia and Jamaica.


Most gun crimes are committed by the NRA and right-wing nuts – I can’t recall one murder this year in America committed by the NRA. Most everyday shootings are due to gang violence. Without data in front of me, I’m not sure if most Crips are Republican or not — highly unlikely though. Most mass shootings are committed by left-wing nut-cases. Here is a quick list –

Adam Lanza – Democrat

James Holmes – Occupy Democrat

Nidal Hasan – Muslim Democrat

Aaron Alexis – Obama supporter

Seung-Hui Cho – registered Democrat; sent hate mail to Bush

Amy Bishop – hardcore leftist

Andrew Stack – leftist

James J. Lee – progressive Democrat



I could on and on providing facts. No need. These crazed gun haters will just continue to spew their lies and false facts. More guns don’t mean more crime. Never has, never will be the case. I sleep well every night. Mainly because a gun is always within arm’s reach of me. I also own guns to protect myself from left-wing wackos, like the ones listed above.

(What mass shooters really look like.)





Author: youcallingmestupid

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